Friday, July 22, 2011

There Goes The Nieghborhood

After almost a full year of waiting for our house to sell, living with in-laws, and lots of prayers our day came... it was time to move into our new house.
When the U-haul pulled up you could feel the excitement in the air. Of course, the giant elephant on the side put the kids over the moon, but we still had our work cut out of us!
The amount of of packing, cleaning, and loading was a bit overwhelming. After considering the child labor laws, we decided to go with a disguise, so everyone could chip in.
At times, I thought perhaps we would loose our minds... and Adam did a little!
Really, it was enough to make you wanna run for the hills... naked!
But, when we pulled in to our new house I really heard angles singing. It was one of the best feelings I have ever had. After one very long year, The Fey's were home... there goes the neighborhood!
The kids ran full speed through their new house. They had not seen it in about a month, so for them it was better than a bag of Cheetos, the beach, or the biggest birthday party ever.
I will never forget Mike yelling over and over "My house is beautiful, look Addy!" He touched every cabinet, looked behind every door, and even said "Thank you for my new house!" It was truly touching.
Even the pets (two cats and one dog) felt right at home almost immediately!
And then the unpacking started... funny how we started at full speed. Every box was like a present we ripped into with joy. Now, the three weeks later, just the sight of a box makes me sigh! You have no idea how many boxes fit into one 26 foot U-haul and two 20 foot pods- ouch! Like Adam says... "it takes a lot of crap to make a house a home."
Almost as exciting as the move day was the day our refrigerator was delivered. Since we are renting out our FW house, we had to get a new one. We got a fantastic deal memorial day weekend for the fancy thing, but dear old Lowe's lost her for awhile, so for a week we were living out of a mini fridge and an ice chest. Needless to say we will never take ice for granted in June again!
The first room on our list was Adelyn's. We felt pretty strongly that since she has no memory of her beautiful nursery and has been sleeping in a pack in play for a year... her room HAD to be the first one complete. Lala and Pops came up to make it happen (thank you) and Addy was more than willing to do her part.
So, that is where we are now... still settling in, but sneaking in some good family fun and great memories I can't wait to post about, but right now the darn boxes call and The No-No Room is begging to be organized!

Let's go make something,


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