Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scrappy Hair Clip

I saw these fabric hair clips somewhere on-line, but could not find a tutorial... so, what is a mom to do?... figure it out... Here is how I did it...
First, I used my piking shears to cut many, many strips of fabric. These are about 1/2 an inch wide and four inches long.
The more you cute the fuller it looks. I tried washing one to see if fraying them would make them fuller ... nope.
Next, stack all the strips in random order, right side up. Make sure to spread them out like this... you can do this after you thread it, but it is easier this way.
I used three ply matching thread and tied my knot about three inches from the end, so that I would have plenty of thread to tie my finishing knot later.
So thread each strip onto your needle. It will not be exact center of each strip, but that is fine... hmmm, better even!
And again, stick the needle back through all the strips making about a 1/4 of an inch stitch.
Using the tail tie it all off. Next, pinch the center where your knot is to create a 'base'.
Stitch through the base several times and again knot it off. This is where you can hot glue or sew on a clip or pin. When you turn it over it looks like this... fun, huh? Addy sure thinks so! Maybe I should call them the Happy Scrappy Hair Bow!

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