Monday, June 6, 2011

Cute Hair Thingies

I have been playing around with my fabric scraps and hair clips lately. I have started keeping my little glue gun plugged in at all time- you know for crafting emergencies. I keep it in a small flower pot, so it can't hurt anyone, (great idea, huh?) So it has been nice to make something in just a few minutes when I can sneak into The No-No Room. Here are a few of my creations... These are big bobby pins with little fabric flowers and fancy buttons in the middle. Here is one in my messy mommy hair. I felt very silly trying to get a picture of myself with one in, but I managed... sort of! Here are a few bigger flower bobby pins. I like to throw on in my messy bun to make me feel... ummm... complete? Well, it is cheaper than therapy, right girls? Again, me trying get a picture of a headband I made with vintage flowers and buttons. Maybe in my new house I will find a sweet new neighbor who can help me take better photos or I better start training Mikey now! Some bows with scrap ribbon and another vintage flower. I have also been back to one of my favorite crafts... applique! I also, made a super cute scrappy clip for Addy and I remembered to take step by step photos... so I will try to get that tutorial posted real soon. Luckily all the sun and swimming we have been doing makes for longer naps! Making

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