Friday, June 10, 2011

Keeping Cool

We have already hit temperature of 101' here is San Antonio and one thing I have learned is to always keep your swim bag ready to go! The best part is that we cool off a different way every day...
No matter where Addy loves to wear her bucket hat and sunglasses... I think all my efforts in forcing bows to stay on her head has paid off... this kid likes to accessorize! (and yes she sports a new swimsuit at every place)
We also found a Splash Pad (thanks Joanne) and has a play date here!
I like splash pads better than pools, because I can actually stop hovering long enough to engage in mommy conversations. Mike likes them because no lifeguard is yelling at him to walk-lol.
Addy likes them because she gets to focus on one of her favorite tasks... filling and dumping.
Would you believe that our zoo even has a wet area?
It is called the Riverbank and has calf high water, a little water fall, and fun water toys. I am not sure who had more fun filling and dumping here... Addy or Grandma?
Again, it is nice and shallow so the kids get a little freedom from mommy.... which we all know toddlers like!
Even 'Time Out" is pretty great here. Mike had to sit ourtfor splashing water on pretty girls. Hmmm... guess they start young in finding annoying ways to get girls attention. I will add that Mike has been referred to lately as a "flirt", "ladies man", and "charmer".... I am just not sure if this is good or bad yet :)
We have really enjoyed all of out wet summer time so far. More than any other time in the four years I have been a parent, I am reliving all the joys of my own childhood. From watching Addy thoroughly enjoy her first snow cone to Mike jumping into the pool knowing his dad will catch him... how much fun is this parenting thing, girls?!

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