Monday, May 2, 2011

A Royal Wedding Party

On Friday my pretty SIL celebrated her birthday with a super fun, girly Royal Wedding Watching Party. My wedding dress is scared to me, so even if I could fit more than my right thigh in it, I still world not have worn it. Also, my veil and headpiece are in a frame, so I elected to embellish my beach hat with tissue paper flowers and a mini feather boa! A few girls had their veils, My MIL wore her wedding dress from last summer, and a few of us had fancy hats, tiaras, or feathers.
Wow... that is just about all I can say about this wedding and this sweet couple... wow!
Amy served us scones, tea biscuits, and cute wedding cookies. She also had yummy girly food like fancy cheeses and salads.
So the bar was my favorite part (surprise).... she had Champagne of course, and cocktail, wine, and Mimosas. And above the drinks was this cute banner that reads "How Do You Know You Need A Fairytale Drink?"
And then you had to pick you glass... oh, and she used all her wedding crystal and china, too!
So on the stem of each glass was a funny quote... the one I picked said, "When being locked in a tower means at least you get some rest"
A few others said,
"If the only thing you have in common with Cinderella is chores"
"If once upon you danced the night away, too"
"If you can't stay awake late enough to watch you carriage turn back into a pumpkin"
Ha! Cute, huh?
The party favors were "Kiss By a Prince: lip gloss and a little bouquet of fresh flowers. She DVRed the wedding and then set out all of the wedding photos of the guests... that was fun to see and chat up everyone's dresses and flowers. Wonder if Kate and her girlfriends will sit around drinking wine, chatting about her little wedding? And also... Guess who shares a wedding date with the Royal Couple? Lord and Lady Fey of Mocking Bird Heights! My Prince and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary as Kate and her Prince walked down the isle. Aww, See the resemblance? LOL!

Let's go make something,


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