Thursday, April 28, 2011

What We're Reading...

Mommy just finished The Red Tent... loved it! Very profound for me as I have learned how deep relations are between women, namely mothers, sister, and daughters. You MUST add this book to your reading list.
Daddy has put down books for awhile because he found The Office on Netflix and watches it on the computer while mommy reads. (It is a little distracting 'cause Micheal is so funny and Jim is so cute!)
Mike is still digging pirates and he loves the illustrations in this Mem Fox book... mommy loves the message!
He is also back to Eric Carle which makes me very happy!
He even likes to act out this one and can pretty much read it to you himself!
Adelyn LOVES to read... I thought Mike did at this age, but his love of books pails to hers... woo hoo!
In this picture she is reading Mikey's Seek and Find Thomas (a family favorite) She points out random things and says "yes!"
But the book she brings me three times a day is The Pout-Pout Fish... and she reads "blub, blub, bluuuub!"

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