Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Last Easter...

We celebrated our last Easter in our old house this weekend. We had to pack up the last of our stuff before the new family moves in. It was a bitter sweet holiday for us. We have not been back to our happy little house in 10 months. Mike really missed it and Addy thought she had died and gone to heaven with her pretty room, fun back yard, and all the room to run around!
We did not have the stuff to boil and dye eggs, so we decorated jumbo sugar cookies... yup, I used a cookie kit... desperate times call for... well, you know!
The kids sure did not mind one bit!
Mommy's, Mikey's,
Daddy's, and Addy's... note the missing ear (wink)
Yummy, Easter goodness!
And yes he ate every bite, then followed it with a glass of milk!
Addy did not finish the whole bunny, but she gave it a good try.
The Easter Bunny found us and left some great stuff... hmmm... seems like the chocolate bunnies are missing, right? The silly Easter Bunny let them spend the night in the car and they melted into mush... a little too scary looking for this holiday, but it will make for a wiser Easter Bunny next year!
Mike was thrilled and really into it!
Addy and Daddy? Not so much!
At least someone appreciates the Easter Bunny around here!
He even ate the Peeps!
And even though the eggs were not really 'hidden' in the empty house... he hunted them with great enthusiasm!
While she played with old cars and daddy "rested" in the background!
That's my boy... he drug out the step stool and everything!
Then an egg popped open and candy fell out, so guess who wanted some eggs, now? Mean mommy, made them get dressed before we hunted outside...
Mike was not happy I made him carry the basket...(lol) I don't blame him, but I was hoping it would slow him down so Adelyn stood a chance at a few eggs!
She was really moving slow!
On the other hand, Mike was running leaps and bounds.
Hmmm... how do these open?
Ah-ha... found one!
My smart boy... pushed the basket to make the egg fall out 'cause there was no time to go get the step stool for this one, ya know?
And by the end of the festivities, Adelyn saw how many candy filled eggs Mike had compared to her three and I believe here she was reflecting on her plan of attack for next year!

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