Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Count Down

I know it seems impossible, but it is true... my first born is turning 4 on Friday. We are very excited to host his "boat, shark, whale, and fish" party. (no matter how we tried to steer him in another direction or even to narrow his theme... it was set!) For two months it has been the #1 dinner conversation and once baby Reagan was born... he knew his day was next.
To stop the heart break of the "no today" answer to the daily morning question and save my peace of mind... I made a birthday count down. I stacked his presents, his shark pinata, and a few party things against a wall and threw together a paper chain with on link for every day we have to wait and attached to a stamped sign and his party invite. Wow... you might think it was made of gold or at least chocolate the way Mike and Addy love this thing!
Every morning we remove a link and practice singing happy birthday and talk about how we will "beat the shark with a big stick until all the candy and toys fall out, next we will pick up all the candy and toys with our guests, and at the end we WILL throw the shark in the trash." I just have a feeling that ... A. tears will shed when he sees his shark get hit with a stick and dumped in the trash or... B. We will have to keep the mangled shark for years to come. Hmmm... we will see!

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