Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello, San Antonio!

Wow... The Fey's have been super busy.
We are trying to get everything we can out of our city, while we are still close.
And thanks to Groupon we recently hit the famous River Walk. Live music, great people watching, and of course the river! We had a great spot for dinner. (but not so much, a great dinner)
Mike was thrilled with watching the boats go under the bridge.
He even took a pretty nice picture of mommy and daddy.
Addy was not too impressed, but was happy to be outside and munch on fries.
She also thought watching her brother try to catch the birds was pretty funny.
Afterwards we headed inside the mall to check out Dino-Quest.
We had a great Groupon for this.
Without the discount we would have never gone...
it was only fun because we have two dino lovers
(Mike has recruted Addy in his obsession)
and again...the discount!
As you can see by Adam's face it was... well, no Science Museum to say the least.
But as you can see by Mike's face,
it was pretty fun to watch him see the bones and videos.
I think we watched the T-Rex movie 3 full times.
and would still be sitting there, if you know who, got his way.
The rest of us, were good by the 2nd show.
Ahh, one more thing off our San Antonio bucket list
before the big move... come on June!

Let's go make something,


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