Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Family Favorite

On the first Saturday of the month,
the Fey boys head to The Home Depot for their Kids Workshop.
Mike made a Pirate Ship last time
(at home because we missed the actual workshop so bought a kit). When Adam came home and showed me the pictures,
I fell in love with all of them...
and lucky you get to see them. All.
The workshops are FREE and
this time they built a planter.
Really? How great is this?! Only men at The Home Depot need 3 hammers AND glue. Mike is so thinking... "Where is mom's glue gun, guys?"
Love this... my sister thinks the exact same way.
We have several pictures of her thinking with her tongue out!
Ummm... looking good!
What? Still, no glue gun?
Ta-Da! What a great job!
Then my sweet boys,
bought two pretty flowers for the planter
and brought it home to me!
Not sure which Fey was prouder that day...
Mike of a job well done,
Daddy of his handy little buddy,
or mommy for her great idea...
to send them off so she could shop for fabric (wink).

Let's go make something,


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