Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's In A Nick Name?

As you may know my sweet little daughter's name is Adelyn Marie... we call her Addy... and a lot of times, we call her Addy Bear. Well, her nick name, Addy Bear, is being slowly replaced with...
Naughty Bear!
Let me explain... The first sign of change was pretty big, but we were in denial. Hmmm... this is not looking good!
At what age do we start time out?
How could something so cute be so naughty?
And this girl knows it, too!
"Oh, is that the camera...
let me really show you how horrible this place is!"
more hair = more mischief... what?
This was a Mike and Daddy project.
As you can see Bear moved right in and took control.
Someday I am sure I will love this about her, but right now...ugh!
No fear. At all.
And when you tell her to get down... you get this cute little grin (sigh)
and this girls, was the most resent... Really? My coffee? (no worries... it was cold, and if you know it is more like creamer with a splash of coffee)

Let's go make something,


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