Monday, March 7, 2011

One Busy Family

Wow, where did last week go? I guess it is true as they say... time flies when you are having fun... good old, quality, family fun. We went on a play date everyday this week and one was at a new park... with a giant sand box!
Adelyn got a new wagon full of pink sand toys ($12 at Target) She was in heaven!
Look at Mike... how big is he getting? I can not believe my baby will be four in May... I sorta wish three would never end!
And I gasped out loud when I saw this picture... there is no baby here... 16 months going on four herself!
See what I mean?
Anyways... the sand box was lots of fun. Mike brought his dump trucks, but had just as much fun 'cooking steak'
I do have to say that Addy ate lots of sand, threw lots of sand, and brought lots of sand home in her hair, but it was still fun!
We had soccer this week, too. It is hard to take pictures, but I got a good video for Lala and Pops to see! I am so proud of Mike and how far he has come from his first class where he laid and cried on the sidelines.
Adelyn keeps busy with her favorite toy while mommy watches... If things go as planned I think she will get her own class next session.
And after soccer, we all meet daddy at the design center for our builder and picked out the details for the house. I hope to post some pictures of a house with our same floor plan so everyone can take a peek, but I am thrilled to say we will have wood floors... well, laminate that looks exactly like hand scraped wood! We are really keeping the faith, girls!
After, that I got to go to a Mardi Gras dinner at a friend's house with the moms from our play group. And of course since I moved from the old jumbo- carry it all bag to the cute little purse I forgot my camera... and darn, I wish I hadn't because everything was so fun and pretty and yummy- I would love to show ya!
So then it was off to the zoo...
The weather was pretty cool here and the animals were all out and about! The only NEW animal we saw this time was the tiger and he was very active! I have never seen tigers stalking around like this, so it was cool!
So now, it is Monday and as you can see my kids are pooped out! I am working on the details for my sister's baby shower, Adam's mini birthday party, and already thinking about Mike's birthday.
And that is why I love this guy... both my kids now love Elmo! I know it won't last long for Mike, so I will use it as much as I can for now!
Soccer Tots Class... starring mommy's soccer star... aka "Soccer Boy"

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