Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New House

I am a little reluctant to post this for a few reasons... the biggest reason is who really cares. I know most of my followers are here for crafts and stuff, but this blog did start for my family who does not live close and now my friends who no longer live close. Most of you have been through this past year with us and understand what this means to us. I know a house is just bricks and mortar, but for me and our family of homebodies, it is our safe place, our touch stone, the place we are (were) the happiest. Here she is... I hate to use the term 'dream home' because it really is not (that would be on the beach or something fantastic)... however, since we have been dreaming (and praying) for 9 months now... it will be a dream come true when we move in. With that being said... this is not our house... it is just a spec that we were able to peek at. Ours is being built as we speak... umm write... well, read?? Ours will have red brick and I want shutters on all the windows!
We are in love with the front porch! Our plan will be to put two rocking chairs out there, so we can watch the kids play... yup, this is one of my many day dreams!
This is the view from the front door. For us it had a wow factor because it looked so different from most of the homes we saw. This house is all tile, but we went with a dark wood laminate.
To your left is the study or formal dining room... for us it will be a dining room as my farm house style table is one of my favorite things! And in this house I promise to have more gatherings, dinners, and guests... this is one of my biggest regrets.. we did not do enough in Fort Worth.
This is the family room... the windows pretty much sold me. I can't wait to watch the kids play while I finish up dinner. I am planning on doing a roman shade with side panels and no blinds so all the sun will come in.
The kitchen... woo, hoo! This picture does not do it justice, but count those cabinets and check out the counter space!
and the pantry. It is not exactly the walk in I wanted... I dream of one that you can walk into spin around in, but this is worlds better than the little one we had.
This would be the back view from the kitchen. The stove will be on the other side and the fridge... hmmm, I might slide down... or maybe not. What would you do? Should the fridge be to the left of the pantry like it is here or way down to the right, on the end??? Also, you can not really tell in this picture, but the island will have extended granite... so it will create a counter height bar. Most people are using this as their breakfast table, but I do not want to do that. I think we will use it with bar stools, for helping in the kitchen and snacks. I want to get a bar height table for the real table, because eating dinner together at the table is important to us. I just hope it all looks right- ya know?
Just before we moved we invested (yes, invested) it an over sized, slip covered sectional couch... like in Pottery Barn (but from JCPenny) Adam was pretty thrilled when we saw it would fit in here with room to spare!
This is a better shot of the island and table dilemma I am having!
And again from the back door. This whole room is super big, but somehow has a cozy feeling.
To the left of the stairs is the laundry room... that is pretty big, with extra room for a freezer or counter top. Then across is the powder room and the master bedroom. I did not add pics of the master because it is pretty standard- not a nice as or last one, but a better shaped closet.
Upstairs is the bonus room... aka. THE PLAY ROOM!! Boy, I am so excited about this. The kids and I have big plans for this space.
So as you come up the stairs, to the right will be "The No-No Room" (my craft room) It will have to double as the guestroom-boo, but I am almost over it :)
All The rooms up stairs are pretty big, with two bright windows and... (insert drum roll) walk in closets... not "sort of" walk in, but yup... walk in and spin around!!
Again, this picture does not do it justice, if you look at 6'4 Adam in the yard you can kinda see the scale of it. We have big plans for this space, too!
Now, lets all pray that our old house sells or rents or something so everything works out. As Adam said just last night, "If June 1st rolls in and we are not in our own house, we have to go for plan Z"... ugh! Keeping the faith!

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