Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Sister Apron

My sister is having baby #3 in May and this weekend is her baby shower. For something a little different we are honoring both, the mommy and the new big sister. I wanted to do something special for her... more than the big sister book and t-shirt. Since she will be 3 1/2 years older, I know she will be all about helping mama... enter the Big Sister On Duty Apron. Somewhere at sometime I saw a picture of a store bought one and knew it would be the perfect gift. I used a dish towel, fabric scraps, and some ribbon.
The whole project took about 45 minutes, but only because it was my first time to try it. It was so easy and so fun!
Basically, I folded the dish towel in half and sewed the open ends together leaving an opening on either side for the ribbon ties. TThen, I turned it inside out and pulled the ribbon through. After that, I sewed across the ribbon and closed the openings. To make the pockets, I did the same thing with a smaller piece of fabric, but added some pretty trim. I sewed it on to the towel leaving the folded side open and at the top. Lastly, I stitched down the middle to make the pockets.
This little travel set was $3 at the grocery store.
Here it is on my handsome model... what a good sport.
And how could would he have been in a Big Brother Apron?


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