Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Charming Baby Shower

My little sister is having baby #3 in May, so we threw her a "Charming" baby shower because we all know that "The 3rd Time is a Charm" If you have ever meet my sister, you would know that this theme is just her style! We also had my niece listed as a guest of honor and tried to make it special for her!
I did a poor job taking pictures because I was having too much fun and my batteries were low... sorry. I did not take a picture of the door sign or the big sister basket we put together for my niece, but trust me they were cute! A table centerpiece... my pride piece of mercury glass with an "oops" of a tissue ball came together for this one! The other side of the scalloped embellishment said "It's a Girl"
I wish, wish, wish the picture of the tissue balls turned out better- they were lovely! I made two huge dark purple ones and three medium sized lavender ones. Plus, I strung eight mini- dark purple ones on fishing line to look like garland- oh, it was so cute!
This is the best picture I have of the mantel. You can kinda see the banner and I used the silver tray from the dollar store with some magnets I made, to display the invite and sonogram pictures. Like the Valentine's day one HERE. (That is Aunt Glenda, my BIL's Aunt, a shower hostess, and one of Kelly's very favorite people!)
I wanted something different than cupcakes (do not worry, I think it is a phase) So I tried Paula Deen's grandmother's recipe for pound cake. Hmmm, first it is never good idea to make a cake for the very first time for a bunch of people. 2nd, pound cakes are kinda tricky and have lots of rules... like room temperature eggs, and rotating ingredients. 3rd, mine was over done- so if you try to bake one... focus, focus, focus! But hey, people said it was good!
I also, made cake balls! I did vanilla cake with vanilla icing... pretty yummy. But the red velvet has by far been our favorite.
The food was so yummy... each hostess brought something. We had a cheese ball, chicken salad sandwiches (these were so good, the left overs caused some family drama-ha!) pasta salad, fruit salad, and a very good punch that I will try to post the recipe for.
See... really good!
I have wanted to make these chocolate cover pretzle rods for a long time. Turns out, they are pretty easy, affordable, nice to look at, and good as heck... for all you salty/sweet lovers!
Just ask Adelyn, who had more than her share!
Anne made these party favors... would you believe they are a kit from Hobby Lobby? Clip your coupon!
Because this was Kelly's third baby and we wanted to make a little different we did not play the traditional shower games... instead decorated onesies. (girls, it was so fun!) On the invite, we asked everyone to bring a onesie to decorate and we provided the embellishments.
My Aunt Loretta and cousin Michelle brought so many fun things to inspire us. They found the greatest charm packs and fabric bundles, pre-made yo-yos, ribbon, buttons, and lots of fun stuff. Michelle, also had the brilliant idea to grab some of those free, nifty little instruction handouts from Hobby Lobby- do you know those? The gave us great ideas and inspiration. We also had wonder under, an iron plugged in, needles and thread, paint, letter stamps, and iron ons. We forgot lots of sharp scissors- so do not do that if you try this!
We had a clothes line hung up as part of the decorations. It was really cute to see everyone add their onesies to it!
Ta-da! Are these cute or what? and how special will it be for baby Reagan to wear these custom, one of a kind out fits, made by people who love her and can't wait to meet her? Really? I LOVE this idea!
I had to try a bib- and it just happens to be my new favorite color combination! Adelyn had so much fun being with the girls! Here is mama with all the loot! Again, I had intended on pictures of Kelly with all the hostesses and at the very least a nice picture of her and me or even just her... I did get a few of her eating, but since I love her, I will not post them! (Maybe I can do a part two when I get the pictures my my mom took)
Thanks to all the sweet friends and family who helped make this a special shower! I could not have done it without you!

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