Friday, January 21, 2011

Vineyard Weekend

This past weekend Adam and I went away on a mini- vacation... solo... as in no kids... as in quiet, relaxing, even romantic!! My sweet MIL gave us a two night stay at Messina Hof Winery and Resort for Christmas. This is where we got engaged 6 years ago. This is not my picture I got it from their website, because it was cold and rainy all weekend. Sounds disappointing, but really it just added to the romance!
The bed and breakfast is filled with beautiful antiques... including that stain glass picture window that came from the green house at the Luv!!
Our favorite spot was the balcony, where we sat and drank coffee (okay and wine)
What a view, huh?
Here you can see the wine bar and patio. Their is a lovely little trail that leads to a beautiful iron gazebo right by the vines- that is where Adam proposed! It was right at dusk and the twinkle light came on just as we started the path. This visit it was soggy and the vines are all bare, but we did not mind for one second!
We went on the wine tour and had so much fun at the tasting and relaxing in the wine bar. It felt like the good days!
Here we smelled the difference between the French Oak and American Oak barrels. Do you know which is which? I bet you can guess... the big one is American. One thing on my to do list is invest in an old wine barrel. I did not get pictures but the made some into coffee table, chair, planters, and even a fountain!
Here is where they bottle the wine. The bottle over a million bottle a year- not too shabby for a Texas vineyard!
Here is the fermentation tanks... I just love the way they look and I wish you could smell this area... yum!
Here is the villa at night. Seems like it should be in a romance novel!
Also on the property is a f star restaurant, The Vintage House. So, I think this is only one of two 5 star restaurants I have eaten at and to be frank... It seems more like a 10 star place to me! We ate in the barrel room. Adam had Gorgonzola stuffed chicken with a creamy wine sauce and I had the most amazing tomato, basil, bacon, and wine bisque! I can't stop thinking about it and am on the hunt for a recipe to try to make it. And this what a three day weekend at Messina Hof can do to a hard working daddy of two! Mr. Serious asking to be photographed catching wine for the antique statue... plan a date girls!
Also, I discovered there blog and it has lots of great wine facts, pairing and gift ideas, plus so yummy looking recipes! Look here

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