Friday, January 21, 2011

Shout Out To My Hubby

I happen to think I have THE WORLD'S GREATEST HUSBAND! and he needs to hear it... Thank you for making me laugh, holding me when I cry, and making feel like the only women in the world. Thank you for making such cute babies, being so hands on, and for being their role model. Thank you for all the cups coffee, hand holding, and secret winks. Thank for teaching me how to two step, encouraging me, and allowing me to be my true self. Thank you putting up with all the projects, crafts, and scrap booking. Thank you for taking care of the bills, the yard, the trash, the litter box, bath time, trimming the kids tiny nails, and the bathrooms (told ya WORLD'S GREATEST). Thank you for supporting our family and making us your top priority! and most of all... THANK YOU FOR PICKING ME!
And since he doesn't read the blog I am gonna print this post out and put right where he can see it... on top of the oreos! I am linking up to Courney's Valentine challenge... JOIN ME!

Let's go make something,


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