Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Little Word 2011

Like last year, we have chosen on little word for 2011 to focus on. By focus I mean... work on, be inspired by, get excited about. Last year, our word was "FAMILY"... I think we did take it overboard when we moved in with my Mother-in-law (lol!) , but we are pretty happy with our family focus for 2011...
Pic from Ali Edwards
Ali Edward's started this OLW movement and this year I am thrilled that she is offering a class over at Big Picture Scrapbooks... I will post more about this on my scrapbook blog. Take a look at her video explaining her thoughts about establishing you OLW HERE. I registered for this class and would love to take it with you!
So our OWL for 2011 is "FAITH"
Believe it or not even Adam helped me narrow this one down... I was stuck on 'HOPE'... but all that meant to me was hope our house would sell and we could get on with our lives- not a positive focus for an entire year. Thus... we came to the word "Faith" for so many layered and complex reasons. Starting with our "Faith" that when God answers prayers... no door will be left unopened. Also, since we have moved, we have not found a church or even visited a church... so we have had no opportunities to build and explore our own religious faith. We also want to dig deeper into building Mike's faith and sharing ours with him in deeper more meaningful ways. Also, and the big one... we want to share and spread "Faith" in God, people, education, strong parenting, our children, and well everything good. See, one little word with a very BIG meaning to us!
Here is our symbol/ poster/ touchstone, to help keep us focused. Believe it or not I made it from a cereal box, dryer sheets, scraps of paper and ribbon, and an old beaded wine bottle coozies... thus "Faith" that there is beauty where the mind sees nothing! Visit my scrap blog, The No-No Room to see more about my little project!
So, will you have OLW this year to focus and be inspired by? What is it?

Let's go make something,


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