Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fey Family Favorite

I am always asking mommy friends about the toys, games, books, activities, and places their kiddos really like. I guess since we are down to one income and the reality that my kids are growing so fast, I am pretty picky about the things we bring into our house and how we spend our time. So, I thought I would start a new topic to blog about... "Fey Family Favorites" One of our new favorites is the Melissa and Doung Play Dough Set. Mike gave it to Addy for Christmas... I think it runs between $20 and $15 at toy stores and amazon, but I found this one at HomeGoods and Marshalls for $12.99. Worth every penny! He is really getting the 'Big Brother" role these days... like teaching her new things!
Mike makes some mean play dough pancakes ladies! Very serious work!
The wooden kit comes with three rolling pins, two are textured. It has four blocks that are also textured and have shape cut outs. My favorite is the cutter... it reminds me of a pizza cutter. The four tubs of play dough are kinda small and would need to be supplemented for bigger or more kids, but we really like that the lids are also animal molds!
Of course Addy has the "Don't Eat It!" learning curve. Which reminds me why I have also has an aversion to the edible play dough recipes... confuses little ones!
Hmmm... Addy is gonna need lots of time to figure this one out!
PS... I can't wait to scrap these pictures!

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