Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What We Are Reading....

Mommy is reading...
Thanks to my dear friend Erin, I did not have to wait for paperback, as our library has a long waiting this for this one!
This is a great book. It is helping me with my OLW FAITH. The author, Debbie Alsdorf, is so real and down to earth... I am really enjoying this one and see myself pouring through it twice.
Daddy is reading...
He just finished this one and it is a life changer. Super easy read with a big impact!
He just started this one... yup, seems like a yawner to me! Mike is reading...
This Playmobile catalogue that refers to as "My Magazine", has become an obsession and is falling apart, so I thought we would try seeing what magazines he would like.
This one is pretty fun and have some standard articles he likes, like the I SPY page. It is also pretty affordable so we may get a subscription for this one.
This one is more expensive, but has a better variety... so we will see!
Addy is reading...

Aunt Kelly got Addy this sweet book for Christmas and it is a big hit. I have to admit most of Addy's books are really Mike's board books, so it is almost like she knows this 'feely' book is hers! Hmmm... I should video her reading this one for my teachers friends... she is already pre-reading and I am so loving it!

Tell us what you and your family are reading these days... we are always on the hunt for books!

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