Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Better Late than Never

I know this post is a little late... we are so over Halloween and on to Thanksgiving (even Christmas) but, we here at the Fey house are just getting over back to back stomach viruses and colds... yup, it has been a rough few days ! Our Halloween events started early with the Fall Festival at church. It was kinda warm still, so we got to wear our mommy made shirts one more time.
Mike and cousin, Jolene had fun trying out all the games.
Mike is still working on the concept of 'rules'
Then we headed to Austin for my sister's famous Pumpkin Carving Block Party. For years she has wanted us to come and now that we live close we made it. It was lots of fun... although the kids were way to busy playing and dancing to Halloween music to carve pumpkins, so the mommies took over.
My little sis and her big pumpkin!
Fun to see all the finished ones lined up. Too bad I missed a pic of all the yummy food!
Cool, huh? Getting pictures on Halloween night was next to impossible because we had so many kids and they were all so excited. But, I guess that is the way it should be!
Here is Addy in her mommy made tutu, bling onesie, and $1 witches hat... we all thought she would hate it and pull on everything, but she didn't!
Mike was T-Rex or something like that. I just did not think I could make a Texas weather friendly dinosaur costume for as cheap as we found this one.
Sadly, this is my best picture of the two together!
Still missing three kids in this one.
A family shot. Adam had a old man mask and I wore a black dress with a few witchy touches.
Here is Mike with his loot... the good news is that it was all the good stuff- not much junk candy... the bad news...ummm... it was all the good stuff mommy likes, too!
Note Addy making a charge for the candy in the background!
Success! Brother is not looking!
Also, that is not sweat on her little head... daddy spilt his adult treat on her while pushing the stroller. Would that be a great t-shirt "Don't drink in trick-or-treat" Ha- or "It's all fun and games until someone gets a margarita dumped on their head"

Let's go make something,


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