Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Food

When I had my son almost three years ago, something made me read the side of the baby food jar... to my surprise the jar did not expire for over 5 years. What? Gross! So I started playing around with making my own food for him, however he was almost 8 1/2 months old when I started and he just wouldn't go for anything, but the jarred stuff. Now with baby #2 and our family's new move to mostly organic foods... I have been determined to make all of Adelyn's food! Not only do I feel much better about what is going into her chubby tummy, but I have also noticed the chunck of change we have been saving! Not that it is rocket science, but maybe a quick tutorial will help a few more mommies think about making their own baby food... Oh, and remember girls I am working full time now- so if I can do it, you can do it! Here is Adelyn's meals for a month... plus frozen organic peas and green beans. Doesn't it scream ...Yummy! Healthy! Let's Eat! I paid $2.o7 for four organic peaches... these made about a 10 breakfast meals! Beech Nut Naturals run about 60 cents a jar... so mine is about 1/2 the price!
For the peaches I just pealed them and pureed them in my little food processor. For most of her veggies and firmer fruit I boil or steam them first. This food processor cost me less that $20 and it really is the perfect size for us.
Do not get me wrong this daddy from William Sonoma would be more than welcome in my house, but for $149.99... I am thinking I got the better deal!
So after I puree the food I pour and smooth it into an ice cube tray.
These lovely trays are 2 for $1.00.
Aagin, I would like to own a few of these... But since I make most of my food on one Sunday a month.. four William Sonoma trays at $19.95 seems... well, silly.. or stupid even.
Once they are frozen I dump them in a baggie. Then every morning we take out what we need for the day and put them in little tubs. These make it really easy to add cereal to it, too.
I would say it works for both mommy's peace of mind and Addy's chubby tummy!
Check out this website and blog... they have EVERYTHING you need to know, from the basics, to a cost savings chart, recipes, menu plans, and directions on several homemade teething biscuits (I can't wait to make these!)

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