Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1 Month = 1 Long Post

Woo! Hoo! I feels so good to get to blog!
I can't believe it has almost a month since my last post.
So what in the world have we been up to?
Well, here we go...

I am super excited to say that Meg was right...
I am officially a... and I have started a second blog to go with all the great stuff I make with these products. I am also posting tutorials, scrapping tips, and lots of fun paper crafts... So far I have the name, banner, and my favorite scrappy blogs posted... but very soon I hope to post my first few layouts since I received all these great products. Oh, and I am planning my first MAKE-N-TAKE party... right after Mikey's 3rd Birthday Party! The we had our first family of four road trip... Look out Austin and San Antonio... here come The Feys!
We celebrated my niece, Jolene's 5th Birthday.
I can't believe she will start Kindergarten this fall.
Addy got to meet her Uncle Carl... do they look related or what?
I made a super cute gardening bucket for Jolene's gift... I used fabric letters to Modge Podge her name and added a few ribbons. I made my cutest ever shirt, but forget to get a picture- boo!
I am pretty sure the Birthday Girl liked it!
When we got back to Austin we had a surprise visit from POPS! What a fun trip.
It has become official... Mommy loves seeing Adelyn in purple!
And she looks pretty cute in her first pair of jeans, too!
Mike made some boyish mischief...
And Daddy took him for a haircut, this made Mommy cry!
(really I did- I hate it)
I started a new book. Have you read it?
Then my baby turned Six Months...
I cried on this one, too!
It was pajama day at school!
We celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary...
funny how sometimes it feel like 15 years and
then sometimes it feels like yesterday!
The Kids have really started playing together more. I can't tell you how joyful it is to see these two together and loving on each other! I am just in aw how much Mike loves his little sister.
And then, last week my Granny passed away. She never even got meet Adelyn, but she sure lived a full, loving life. Mybiggest regret is not really telling her how much I loved her. I will miss all her stories about my dad, her wealth of knowledge on just about everything, and how much she loved her family no matter what choices they made.
I am so blessed to have had her as my Granny!

Let's go make something,


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