Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Catch Up

This post is for our Lala, who was going to spend Spring Break with us, but instead spent it battling pneumonia. I hope these pictures bring her a little joy while she recovers. She sure was missed! SUNDAY: Adan was just as excited as the kids and I were for Spring Break to be here. For him it meant sleeping in a little, drinking coffee slowly and quietly while he watches the news, not washing bottles, and lots of good home cooking! and when I saw this Baby Blues comic strip, it really hit home!
MONDAY: The kids went to school and mommy ran errands. Addy also began her love hate relationship with the Bumbo. She loves the view from sitting up, but she can't reach everything her little heart desires and that... well, frankly it pisses her off!
TUESDAY: Aww, it was a lazy day... rattles, trains, and movies! My little couch potatoes!
WEDNESDAY: The kids went back to school for their St. Patty's Day fun and Mommy scrap booked! (more on that in a later post) Oh, and we decorated cookies!
THURSDAY: What a beautiful day... we spent all morning at the park and all afternoon starting our garden... sunflowers, peppers, and watermelon seedlings.
FRIDAY: We took Daddy to the park to see the bridge (and the poop), find sticks (and more poop), and have another pic-nic.
SATURDAY: The boys had plans to camp in the backyard, but the weather was too cold, so they camped in the front living room!
SUNDAY: Mike continued to enjoy the tent. The girls went out in the snow and bought new spring clothes, and we ended our week with a family sing along! (Notice Adelyn almost sitting up... she is so close!)
Now, the count down to summer begins!
Oh, and yes Mike is wearing the same Thomas the Train shirt 3 days otta the week.

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