Friday, February 5, 2010

This Weeks High and Low

Mommy's High... "I went to gym this week for the first time in six years!" Mommy's Low... "Adam lost 5 pounds and never went to the gym... I gained one! Really? Are you kidding me?" Adam's High... "I lost five pounds just by bringing my lunch to work and passing on seconds at dinner!" Adam's Low... "My wife didn't loose any and she can't stop whining about it." Adelyn's High... "I found my mouth.... yummy" Adelyn's Low... "Twice this week Daddy put my clothes on backwards... how embarrassing!" Mikey's High... "Poopoo in the potty...see? See mommy? See daddy?" Mikey's Low... "Poopoo on the floor mommy see? Yucky!"

Let's go make something,


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