Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Decorating Details

Before... After... Our new couch came with such boring pillows. I had originally planned on just not using them, but our family is such a blanket, pillow, cuddle, couch kind of family, I quickly saw these plain things being used all the time. So they had to get a make over and they had remain comfy and durable.... I used my circut to make a stencil and the a sharpie to color it in- yup a sharpie!
I am sure you have seen a ton of these pretty burlap wreaths all over the bloggy world. I had to make one and here she is....
I also added some burlap to an old frame and extra fabric to my picture holder... now it all ties in.
And my circut strikes again... adding some vinyl to an old basket holding an ivy I have had since college!


  1. Love the Cricut and everything you have done with it!!!

  2. Cool! I'll have to get a cricut. Did you get the deluxe version or the smaller one?

  3. you make me feel like a slug. two little ones, a job and you do sooooo
    much. love what you did to the pillows and everything else.
    aunt h

  4. OMG!!! I love it!!! You are amazing!!! Need I say anything else?

  5. A sharpie!?! Brillant!!! Your pillow looks great! Love the burlap wreath and the ivy... ok so love it all and I am so glad to see all of the uses of the cricut- not that I will get off my lazy behind and do all that you do with it but it's nice to know how versatile it is!

  6. Congrats on having your diaper cake featured on Sisters Stuff!

  7. you are VERY talented! I simply adore all the cute things you made/are making for your home!!!

  8. I can't believe the pillow looks so great with a sharpie! I would have thought it would have bled or something! And, I love the burlap wreath. I've been wanting to make one of those burlap/ribbon/fabric garlands that I see all over -you may have given me inspiration!

  9. I am amazed that you did that beautiful pillow with a sharpie!! Love all the other projects too. I have just got to make me one of those burlap wreaths!


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