Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Review...

After watching Oprah's show on grocery shopping, Adam and I have decided to join the organic bandwagon. We knew the horrible facts about the hormones in our food, but the antibiotics was alarming to us. {If you missed her show... look here.) So, the weekend started off with a Friday night trip to Whole Foods.
We are sticking to basic organics like milk, eggs, meat, and produce. Since we rarely eat out we think it will be money well spent... but don't you will never see at McDonald's or Chick-Fil-A; we are not going that granola.
Saturday morning started with making this delicious pot of Chicken Noodle Soup. The recipe is from the Pioneer Woman and as everything I have ever cooked with her recipes- it was fantastic and fun to make.
Then it was our monthly trip to Barnes and Noble for books! Adam and I both wanted to read Michael Pollan's book from the Oprah Show. It is such a good read and makes so much sense... I bet this will come up again in a post because it has impacted us in what we want for our family.
This was my pick. Have you read it? It came highly recommend from a new friend and so far is exactly what I wanted.... a smart, funny, girly book!
Adam got this one... yawn, I know. But, I am glad he is really getting into his Christmas present and I hope he sticks with it. I think fly fishing will be a fun father and son activity while Addy and I shop, craft, and paint our nails.
Speaking of Addy.... I picked this one up for her. I know she is not eating real food yet, but trust me when she starts I better be ready 'cause this girl likes to eat!
Mike found this one. He has become a big fan of the I Spy Books and the Look and Find is his new obsession. So if you happen to drop by our house be ready to Look and Find until; you are blue in the face.
My favorite part of the weekend was Saturday night when the kids were in bed... we made our own date night. More and more this is pretty much what we like in our date nights... a bottle of good wine, some fancy cheese, crackers, fruit, and chocolate that melts in your mouth. Sometimes it is with a Harry Connick Jr. CD and sometimes a movie... I know this time it was a movie, but I can't even remember which one it was... ha!
It was too cold to even leave the house Sunday, so we read books, made chili, and played.
Adelyn started holding onto toys and posed for her three month photo shoot with mommy.
Wow- it is sure nice when they entertain each other... and I know this will only get better.
After nap we had a fun surprise... Pops came to visit on his way to work up north. Mike was beside himself with excitement once he really woke up and Adelyn was happy to find a new face to stare at! It was a perfect ending to a perfect Fey weekend! I tell ya... it doesn't get any better than this!
By the way I hope to post some of my projects I was able to finish up this weekend and I want to post that tutorial on making matchbook books, but I am supposed to start working out this week and I am really into my new book so we will see where my few extra minutes find me!

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