Friday, February 5, 2010

Matchbook Style Mini-Scrapbook Tutorial

As promised here is how I made my Precious Prayers Scrapbook... Materials: One 12x12 double sided card stock for cover Three 12x12 double sided card stock for pages (For a thirty two page book) Ribbon Hole Punch Accents (optional) Cut card stock for pages 5 3/4 inches by 4 3/4 inches with a 1/2 inch score on the short side. (Hint- I lost my scorer that goes with my trimmer, so i run a popsicle stick where it would go on the paper trimmer)
This is the paper pack I used. These packages make things much easier.
You can copy and paste the prayers right on the web and format how you want.
Trim them to size... mine were about three and a half inches.
Ink the edges of everything. I know this is a pain, but trust me it is worth the effort. I almost always ink in brown or black- boring huh? You can try any coordinating ink.
Now for the cover... cut your 12x 12 paper into two four inch strips. (two 12 x 4 strips). Score one strip at 1/2 an inch and 6 inches on the short side. The 1/2 will be the spine and flap and the left side of the 6 inch fold will be the back cover and the short side will be part of the front cover.
Attach a trimmed piece of the 2nd cover strip long enough to sit under the flap. Hmmm... is this even making sense? I wish I could come over and show you!
Make a template of where you want your holes to be on the scored edge of the page papers. Order the papers so that no two facing side will be the same.
Use the same template to punch holes through both sides of the cover... one set on the short scored flap and then through to the back. Open the flap and thread your ribbon, then start layering your pages. Close the flap and thread the ribbon through the top holes. Tie the ribbon in a bow... now your book should be bound. (Tip: You could also use cute brads or rings for your binding, too)
My first page was reserved for a dedication page. I am a BIG fan of double stick tape... which my husband informed me it is really called double sided tape...ha! I use it for almost all my scrapping project... not only does it stick great, it is cheap, you can get anywhere, and even Adam can pick it for me- unlike most other scrapbook adhesive
I did not do much embellishing; just the prayers. Of course you could make type of book... a brag book for grandma or like my friend Erin suggested a wine journal. I love that idea- you could even put in the wine labels. Once you get the design you can change the measurements to just about any size! Mike was next to me the whole time so it took me about an hour, but uninterrupted I bet you could knock one out in just thirty minutes!
Let me know if you make one and how you use it!


  1. too cute! i'm going to give it a try. the only confusing part was the addition under the flap. ..strip from the 2nd cover? but i can figure it out. you are soooooo crafty.
    aunt h

  2. how cute! and so tiny! I love it!!



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