Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week in Review

This picture says it all... oh, what a week!
We started the week with Potty Training Boot Camp. I even bought an ebook to help us out. In a nut shell... absolutely no pull ups, some salty foods, lots and lots of yummy fluids, and enough praise to fill a baptist church! Also no pants and every pair of underwear you can find. The results: we are potty trained at school and at night and naps, but not so much at home. We have not given up... we have not returned to the pull ups and found a new prize that seems to work... pez candy for his Woody dispenser. We will see how this weekend goes!
In baby news... would you believe this precious little angle has a horrible case of acid reflux. We went in for a sonogram and it was confirmed. She started Mylanta, Prevacid, and they even want us to put some rice cereal in her bottle. By the way, Adam is in the running for daddy and husband of the year... he took her in for her appointment. She couldn't eat for 4 hours and had to be pinned down for the sonogram- what a devoted daddy!
Oh a high note, we have spring like weather here and our new favorite past time is feeding the ducks. Mike takes this very seriously.
Every duck needs some food, so he tells them to "take turns."
And when our bucket is empty he says "Fly ducks, fly!"
I have some posts planned... I have a few projects I am finishing up. And since I signed up for crops at my new scrapbook store, I will have be organizing my room and I will post pictures of it soon!

Let's go make something,


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