Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Ain't My First Rodeo...

But, it was Mike's first rodeo and stock show! The Fey's put on our boots and headed downtown to
The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

Mike was in heaven.

He was the perfect age to enjoy every second.

He still loves horses the best!
Well, after the chili cheese fries of course.
Adelyn had fun, too.
She was a little young to catch all of our poopy jokes...
but she did give the animals a run for their money!
How can something so cute make such stinky stuff?
My favorite exhibit... the hens and roosters. And here is the star of the show. I had to take a picture because he was so pretty. But when I did he got mad and started to crow... scaring the heck out of me and Mike. Then he wouldn't stop and the other roosters started. I so wish I had it on video- we could have won money on it! "But, daddy that's not baa baa black sheep. No!"
"Not baa baa black sheep. No!"
"Where is baa baa black sheep?"... they did find him,
but I did not get a picture... bad mommy.
My little cowboy had the time of his life
and woke up Sunday wanting to go back!


  1. That is awesome. I love the boot pic... you needed Adelyn in it too! I would have loved to see the rooster video... hilarious.

  2. Great pics Kristy!! What is it about little boys & cowboy boots-they just love them. That was a good pic idea. Adelyn looks so precious in her bow. Glad everyone is feeling better & you got to go. Brings back memories when we used to take you & Kelly to the Houston stock show.

  3. Cool!!! What fun!! I bet Mike did love it! Great pics!

  4. your cute little cowboy must have had a blast. i love black and white chickens and this one was a beauty. your flash must have made him think the sun had suddenly risen. too funny. thanks for sharing this family adventure!
    aunt h

  5. I love the boot pic too! Cute idea. We've thought about taking Sophia but since we can't seem to get her well, we'll wait for next year.


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