Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Entryway Make Over

As a part of my OLW focus, I have been working on getting us better organized, so that our mornings are not such a production. I started with the entryway...
Before... After... Now this is much more inviting! And how cute do those jackets look side by side?
And I did not have to buy a thing... I found those hooks
in the bottom of the coat closet when I cleaned it out a few weeks ago.
That's my mama bird I bought for two bucks last fall at Wal mart-
she just got a coat of white paint and the a bath in coffee to make her look worn.
That trick works with paper and fabric, too!
These are pictures from my great grandmother.
They were packed away just waiting for a perfect spot.
Not 100% sure this will stay on the closet door... still thinking about it.

Let's go make something,


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