Sunday, January 17, 2010

My 2010 OLW

I am sure you have all read about picking One Little Word to focus on for the new year... a kind of mantra I guess. I believe the great Ali Edwards started this movement, but I was first inspired by SERENDIPITY and her OWL for 2009 Celebrate. I am not sure if it is the scrapbooker in me, or the teacher, but the idea of my own OLW makes me happy... I have been thinking for awhile about my 2010 OLW and every word I came up with led me right beck to the word... It is the perfect word for us this year... we now have the family we have always wanted, so it is time to focus on what we have always wanted for our family. Some of the things we are hoping for this year is establishing our new family roles and routines. Setting up our rules and expectations for each other. Adding to our 'Family Nights', preserving our precious memories and remembering those we love who are no longer with us. Playing together, praying together, and working together... me and my little family. Okay, do you have an OLW? Please share... leave us a comment! Here are some pics for our favorite followers... I will be in pictures with my kids even it it means taking them myself!
Mike loves holding Adelyn. It still surprises me how quickly his role of big brother kicked in.
This picture makes me laugh... can't you just hear mike saying "CHEESE!" and Adelyn saying "Mom? Mom? Don't leave me mom!" Man, I love these two!


  1. I love them too,seeing this makes me very happy.Love you & Adam. Glad to see you in the pics. There are never any of me because I am taking them.

  2. such a good way to start the week...your sweet family photos.

    my word is procrastinate. it really means stop procastinating but we were to choose only one word. i can have more time for fun and creativity if i stop putting things off and get it done!

    aunt h

  3. I love all the pics of y'all! I think my word is going to be healthy. I want my whole family to become healthier, especially Sophia. But we could all start to take care of ourselves a little better.


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