Monday, December 21, 2009

A Toddler Christmas Party

Mike had his school Christmas party. Here is with "his boys". What a crew huh? He has eight kids in his class and only two girls. (never mind that my son has on no pants)
Here is Mike with Ms. Julie. She has on the scarf we gave her for Christmas from the Brassy Apple- super cute stuff!
I made Rudolf cheese sandwiches. They can't have peanut butter, so I had to switch up my usual PB&J Rudolfs.
With raisins for his eyes and a mint m&m for his nose he is pretty cute.
The kids liked them. (never mind my son is the one not looking at the camera because he won't stop eating)
I had to include this photo for my friend Laura who recently posted about some cute Christmas cookies gone wrong... This is my cookie gone wrong. The cookie on the right is my first batch- my deformed bloated candy cane- then I read the recipe again and got the cute on on the left. If you close your eyes they do taste the same- ha!

Let's go make something,


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