Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cousins are the Best Fun!

This past weekend Aunt Amy, Uncle Larry, and cousin Jolene came up for a visit from San Antonio. We all had so much just hanging out. The guys took the the kids to Cabella's and then fishing in a small pond, where Jolene caught her first fish and Mike ate Cheetos... again. Amy and I went to Joann Fabrics and played with my Circut.
The bounce house was again a great energy zapper and still remains the best $200 purchase of the year!
Aunt Amy brought fun washable paints. It is always amazing to the difference just a few years makes with projects like this. Mike was all process and Jolene was all art!
Writing on the outside chalkboard was also a big hit. Ya gotta love chalk board paint! And now I hear it comes in cool colors. My favorite cousin time was after bath. They looked so cute having their cookies and milk.Plus I got to read bed time stories! It was such a nice visit and next time there will be one more in the cousin mix! We love Jolene, Aunt Amy, and Uncle Larry!

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