Saturday, September 5, 2009

31 Weeks and Counting!

So here is my view looking down! Seems like we have been too busy for belly pictures, so I took one of myself. I am carrying her very low and my belly seems a lot more pointy than with Mike. I am at the point where all do is think about how she will look. I think she will look like her brother, but with blue eyes. For awhile I was having dreams she was a boy. Then this week I had two dreams of a blue eyed, blond hair baby. In these dreams people would ask me if it was a boy or girl and I didn't even know. Finally last night, I had my first girl dream and she looked like me as a toddler... blue eyes, blond curls, and a runny nose- ha! I am now seeing the doctor every two weeks and she will start checking for progression at 35 weeks. I am a little nervous because by 36 weeks I was dilated to a three and 80% effaced with Mike. One of the wonderful things about a c-section is having total control of the arrival of #2. With no family in town, a full work load, and a two year old to care for, the drama of labor and my water breaking is just not an option! I am predicting an October 28th birthday and that she will be 7 pounds even, 21 1/2 inches, red hair, blue eyes, and have her days and nights all mixed up. Mike was such an easy baby and Adelyn has been different since day one! Of course I really don't care about any of those details, after everything we have been through, I just want to hold her and for the first time in a really long time have not a speck of worry in my heart.

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