Sunday, August 30, 2009

Over the Crib Art... Take Two!

You may remember that I had painted a canvas that matched Adelyn's bedding a while back. And sure it was cute, but I just was not in LOVE it and since it is for over her crib I would really like to be in LOVE it... so I tried framing some of the fabric from her bedding and using chip board letters! Ahh... now I am in LOVE. I think the canvas will go in the art nook over her closet. I know you have read it 100 times, but really for real this time... this week her room will be finished!


  1. Yeah!!! Glad your "finished" with her room. Can't wait to see pics of it the finished project. Something tells me you're probably going to add some more to it.:)
    p.s. On her bow holder, did you put some kind of backing in the frame? On the Nanygoat one she just did ribbon but I like how yours looked like it had fabric behind the ribbon.

  2. I have to agree with Erin, I think you will add and/or change something. It looks great really proud of you. LaLa

  3. I did put fabric on the back of my frame. It is the same way it came just w/o the glass.


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