Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Lala's 55th Birthday!

55 Things We Love About Our LALA!
1. Your ability to fix anything, including hearts. 2. Your creative spirit. 3. Your lasagna. 4. Your 6th sense to call when we need you. 5. Your Scrappin' skills. 6. Your husband. 7. Your willingness to road trip alone for 7 hours just to see us. 8. Your faith. 9. Your sewing skills. 10. Your silliness. 11. The way you can dance and sing like nobody is watching. 12. How you always manage to get us caught up on laundry. 13. Your sensitivity. 14. Your garden. 15. Your obsession with taking pictures... okay we love to hate this one :) 16. The happy mail you send. 17. That you have passed on your love of reading, by reading. 18. Your thoughtfulness. 19. That awesome ribbon collection and scrappin' supplies you are so willing to share 20.How you can talk to anyone about anything. 21. How excited something as little as Starbucks can make you. 22. Your strength. 23. You willingness to push your grand babies on the swing no matter how tired you are. 24. The tradition (or is it a law?) of long afternoon naps. 25. Your passion for taking care of your family. 26. All your girly talents... crafts, cooking , sewing, etc. 27. All your boyish talents... fishing, walking in the woods, changing out headlights... 28. Your love of the ocean. 29. You house by the ocean. 30. How you never miss a birthday or anniversary. 31. Your attention to the details. 32.The variety of music you can listen too. 33. Your obsession with American Idol. 34. Yet your lack of current pop culture. 35. How you were able to raise two confident and successful children. 36. Your ability to make great friends with great women. 37. That Apple Cake! 38. How you can enter a store with $20 and leave with $40 worth of great deals. 39. You love your job... well the kids and families. 40. You 'get us' without us having to say anything. 41. Your ability to laugh at yourself. 42. How you taught us to laugh at ourselves, too. 43. All the great memories you made for us. 44. How you listen before giving advice. 45. Your neighbor, Simon. 46. You are a great entertainer and everyone always has a good time at your gatherings. 47. Your love for a 'big breakfast' 48. Your willingness to go to fun places, no matter how crowded or hot it will be. 49. You return every phone call. 50. You are ALWAYS there. 51. You get to know all of our friends and neighbors like they are your own. 52. From Mikey: You laugh at all my jokes. 53: From Adam: How you aren't picky and hard to please. 54. From Kristy: The mommy skills you have passes down. 55. You are you and you are ours!


  1. Thanks! My mom reads the blog everyday, but has not figured out how to be a follower :)

  2. Kristy-I sent 2 comments this am. Why are they not showing up?? I think I fiugured it out! Mom
    AM post said,"thank you , thank you, thank you!! What a great way to start my day. I love you all!!! LaLa

  3. What a great idea, Kristy! What a great daughter you are :)


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