Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Easy Picture Holder

This is such a cute and simple craft. I like to give one of these to my mommy friends when they return to work after maternity leave. I also have one on each desk, at each of my schools. Now, I am thinking about place cards for the table at holiday meals or even a recipe holder for the kitchen! I just covered the largest size gator clip with cute paper and ribbon, added a charm and ribbon scraps to the silver part. I am slightly obsessed with orange sticky tape and find it works best for all of my projects. By the way, that handsome little devil is Mike from his two year photo shoot. It reminds me of the kids in those hair magazines you look at before getting your hair cut! He looks like such a little boy and no more baby face. And just this week we noticed his chubby toddler belly is going away- boo hoo!

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