Thursday, August 27, 2009

Calling all cheap mamas!

Take a guess on how much these twelve summer outfits cost me for Adelyn... I will tell you that if I had paid regular price it would have been $170 w/0 tax, but we know I am much smarter than that! Yup... $38 and that is with tax! At this point I am sure you are headed to JC Penny! I shopped there this time last year and bought a big pile of summer clothes for Mike, but sadly the 3T selection for boys was already! hiss! Some of the separates were just $1.99!! I recommend not taking a kiddo with you... even with an Aunt Annie's pretzel and Cheery Slurpee, it took too much time to dig through the racks and piles of clothes for Mike to handle. Luckily, Adam was on his way home from work and swung by the mall to get him so I could stock up... all for the love of cheap parenting!

Let's go make something,


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