Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Twos...Terrible or Terrific?

Twice this week, I have said something about the twos being terrible and twice this week I was corrected with "Oh, you mean terrific!" And they were very serious, so it started me thinking... is it terrible or terrific? Sure on his birthday in May and even on the 4th of July- I would have never used the phrase terrible twos... HA! I guess we had to grow into them... the body flop when we have to leave some place fun, using a sharpie on my scrapbook table, hunting our poor dog with a toy pirate sword, and of course his new favorite word "NO!" I will not even tell you about our poop issue, the screw driver story, or why we may never be welcome back to JC Penny again! Terrible, I tell you! And then like a flip of a switch... he is my precious boy again. When you sneeze he will hug you and ask "Are you okay?" He can let the dog in and out, throw away trash to help you, and beg for you to keep reading to him! He holds my hand while watching a movie, rubs my hair when I lay down on the couch, and thinks I am the funniest person in the world. He really is terrific! I am guessing it will be like child birth or even pregnancy... one day you will forget the terrible stuff and just remember the terrific!

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