Friday, July 24, 2009

Recipe Prologue

Chef Boy-ar-Fey at his best! In preparation for dinner Mike and I went out to pick our herbs. when we came back in I went straight to the kitchen and Mike went to his room- I assumed to play. I could hear the cabinets of his play kitchen slam and open, slam and open, and thought how cute- he is cooking, too! But as it turned out, it was much cutier... in a few minutes he came in the kitchen with his plastic knife ready to help me chop! My heart melted! So we pulled up his chair and he tried to help chop and it was not working, but I remembered these kid safe knife I had bought years ago for cooking with my students (shh! don't tell me cooked all the time in Mrs. Fey's class) It was perfect and he was able to help chop herbs! This kid is going to be a great husband some day!

Let's go make something,


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