Monday, July 27, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

ORANGE! Orange marmalade crackers, cheddar curds, Cheetos (duh!) carrots, cantaloupe and oranges! Yummy!
SO as a one time special treat because, I had just figured out how to run our VHS and put in my old copy of Peter Pan, I let him eat lunch in front of the T.V. This is normal for morning snack, but not lunch. He found his orange hammer which made me fee like he just might be catching on to my color theme. Yay! However, please note Katie the stalker in the background! I went into my craft room for a few minutes and when I came out everything was gone.. hmmm... I know he would never share the oranges, cheese, or cheetos, but the crackers, melon, and carrots? My money is on Katie!


  1. She does look pretty suspicious. Mine money's on Katie too!

  2. How funny! Our dog is a stalker too! And he stalks Jane more than anyone. He figures she is his best chance I guess.


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