Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Weekend Flys By

A Trip To One Of My Favorite Places... This weekend really did seem to fly by. My MIL came up from San Antonio for a visit, so aside from working finishing up Adelyn's bumper pads, and swimming with Mike, we really had no plans. So of course when Adam asked me what I wanted to do Central Market was (as always) my reply. We really had a great time. The crowds were down and the samples were high! We bought a ton of fruit and cheese. Also in the cart was good bottle of wine and blueberry lemonade for me, plus all the fixings for a yummy seafood diner!
This was our appetizer- stolen from Giada! I toasted french bead, topped with tomato and fresh mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and Italian Herbs. I bought a few of their bin spices, which I have always wanted to do, but never have and now I am hooked! What adifference it makes! The other bread was topped with a white cheddar- that was the cheese of the day and a hit with all of us.
And the big meal... Grilled shrimp, grilled red fish on the half shell (caught by Adam on our vacation) and grilled asparagus. With a loaf of walnut bread to sop it all up. For a pregnant girl, this was a meal straight from heaven! Not only was the meal fantastic, but cooking with Adam is truly one of my very favorite things to do.
PS. I wish I would have taken pictures of Mike eating all the samples! The sprite melon, fresh fruit juice, and ice cream got a great response. However, the dark chocolate malt balls, rosemary bread, and shrimp salad... not so much! And the playground was too hot to touch, so he really couldn't even play much.. boo! Lucky for hm Grandma and Daddy took him to the park, while mommy cleaned the kitchen! I love weekends!


  1. That looks and sounds wonderful!!!

  2. You know we live so close any time you want us for dinner we should be able to make it ;)

  3. My gosh you guys are great cooks! Everything looked fabulous!


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