Thursday, July 30, 2009

2 Year Well Check

This morning we went to see Dr. Rad for Mike's two year well check. We are still under 30 pounds, at 29 and a half. He has grown 2 and 1/2 inches and "looks great". I found out that eating three eggs and toast for breakfast #2, on top of breakfast #1 (a dry waffle or cereal) is "a good thing" and the reason he hates to have his bottom wiped is because we used to use the wipey warmer and now we don't. Lesson learned for baby sister! We knew this about bottles and chose not to warm his bottles, but "duh" on the wipes. Mike's low point of the visit was his last HIB shot, but he won't get anymore shots until he is 4- woo hoo. His high point was the Tow Mater sticker from the nurse! (only because the fish tank was not working today) We were done by 9:30 so we headed for "Donalds" for breakfast... a Mikey first! Eggs and a big kid free play scape- jackpot! Since we had no place to go or nothing pressing to do, he was able to play until HE was ready to go home, which allowed for another Mikey first... no fit when we were leaving a fun place! Oh, I will miss these Mikey and Mommy mornings when school starts up!

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