Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mommy Made

So since yesterday the weather was crummy up here and Mike was worn out, I did get to make stuff. It was a goal to make Mike an apron this summer, but when I saw this blue jean one at Hob Lob for less than $5 I knew this was the only way to go. I only hope daddy doesn't think it is too girly! Speaking of girly... I got this idea from Small Words, but I really wanted to copy the fabric I used for her room. I do not think it will go over her crib like I had planned, but I will use it somewhere! It was sure fun to do. I bought the canvas from Big Lots for $5 and had all the paint- so not to shabby! By the way, they have 12X12 canvases for $5 and a pack of three assortment sizes for $8... so any of then are still cheaper than the craft stores on sale!


  1. All of it turned out really cute! I don't think the apron's too girly. It kind of reminds me of something a carpenter would wear. If Adam thinks it's too girly, maybe you could go to Home Depot and use one of their orange carpenter aprons?

  2. Oh, that would have been such a cute idea!

  3. That's a great idea, Erin - and tomorrow is a Home Depot kids day so you could go get one! I love the name sign - did you paint the whole thing - or is that fabric around the edge? You were so productive on that rainy day!


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