Friday, March 1, 2013

What in the world...

...have we been up to?
Mostly just delighting in these two!
Are they getting big or what?
Would you believe, we had 4 Valentine's Parties!
That was alot of candy and a lot of fun!
I got such a kick out of Mike writing each card to his friends-
It was very serious work.
I re-opened the Etsy shop and I am currently filling orders
 and coming up with new designs.
What a blessing this shop has been to our family!

We have also started trying out a little more
"home school" type stuff.
Unlike Mike at 3- Adelyn loves "working"
She knows all her letters, shapes, colors, numbers,
 and even most of the letter sounds.
The dentist knows our family really well this year...
we all had check ups.
Mike and I had to go back...
He had to get TWO teeth pulled because
new ones were already coming in.
Me? Ummmm.... I had a cavity.
Redoing Adelyn's room has turned into the project that never ends.
We are currently repainting EVERYTHING
and this Texas weather is not helping,
but on a high note-
my neighbors have been helping!
I can't wait for it to be finished- you will love it!

It is also time for a new Front Porch Kit!!!!
and I have been scrappin' away!
Be sure to come back for my
"clear the clutter" project...
it is darling, if I do say so myself!

We have also been delighting in our church more...
I am teaching Sunday school and
it feels so good to put that hat on again!
Adam has been helping out in the garden and
has a pretty bad case of spring fever!
Tonight, Grandma is keeping the kiddos and
we get to go hear Joe McGee!
We are making it a date night!!
SO... I promise to blog more...
well, I promise to TRY to blog more ;)


  1. Wow! So much!! Good for all of you!!

  2. I have missed your blog posts but totally understand not having time. I don't have time either. At least we can keep up to date on FB! Can't wait to see your Front Porch projects! And can I just say....beautiful kiddos! Have fun on your date night!


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