Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

 I just can't believe how fast the month of December went. 
I do owe apologies for not finishing my 12 days of Merry Pinterest Projects...
 or a least posting them. We did bring at least 12 pins to life around here!
 Time got away from me and to be honest...
 my kids and I were so busy making memories I just did not get to blog them. 
I hope to pre-blog them, while they are fresh in my mind
 and just post them next December... hmmm? Isn't that smart?
I have been working on my Big Picture Class
and have REALLY enjoyed this one. 
 I am already on day five and so proud of myself
for making time time to do what I love the most...scrapping!
I have also been reading this book and for the first time in a very long time
 I am ready to get rid of this "baby weight"... lol...
by "baby weight" I am talking about the 60 pounds
I gained with Mike FIVE YEARS AGO. 
I have a plan,
a support team,
 and motivation- woo hoo!

I also made a big trip to the container store! 
 I can't wait to share some of the ideas and areas I have been working on!
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