Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Pinterest: Day 5

The Christmas pin I brought to life for day five,
 was a sensory table for Addy.
We used her water table that we keep on the back porch...
one plus to a Texas winter!

 This pin came from Mary Lea who is
The Pink and Green Mama
 and blogs HERE.
Ther are lots of good things at her place!
We threw in jingle bells, Christmas buttons, and Grinch foam pieces.
I got the bags of peas for just 88 cents!
She had a blast, until the big kids came home from school...
and used all her peas, to "cook"
She was pretty sad it was mixed with dirt and leaves,
but it was fun while it lasted!

If you want to see more fun Christmas ideas...
look HERE!
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  1. What a pretty picture of Miss Addy! Maybe you will grow some peas next year around the edges of your patio. ;)


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