Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Pinterest: Day 2

 My next Pinterest project came from both Tami at Curb Alert...
who has a much prettier porch than me and is pretty funny!
and another pin, from the smart gal at A Diamond in the Stuff...

So I already had this darling from my friend Stacey gave me...
It was pink for the Princess Leia Party,
but I just knew it wanted to be red!

I did not read the how to's from the girls blogs
and just went from the picture...
and I learned from that two things...
#1 read the blog first to save time
 and #2 don't use wire for the balls!

Please check out my Christmas Board HERE!
Trust me its a good one!


  1. Both turned out so great! I might have to try these ideas! And could you have a cuter model???!

  2. Love that wreath! I can't find the other one... the leggings? Cute too!

  3. Ummm, just went to your Pinterest board and there is SO much!! Dying! That is why I don't do Pinterest... I am better off NOT having a million things I wish I was making. May be doing some of those though AND I saw my new idea for how I was going to do Santa gift tags this year. I guess that makes it a valid idea! ;)


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