Friday, December 14, 2012

Merry Pinterest: Day 3

This project is all over pinterest... have you seen it?
I used a big metal tray I had and filled it will
everything you can think of that would
 bring your hot chocolate up to the next level!

 On this night we had... several different kinda of cocoa mixes.
Our two favorites are the authentic Mexican mix
 and star bucks salted Carmel-yum! 
We had chocolate chips, Carmel dots,
 and two kinds of candy canes. 
 Those little snowmen are marshmallows! 
I also found peppermint and gingerbread marshmallows!
Adelyn has been really into this and
pretty much will add anything to her hot chocolate.
Including gingerbread men,
 jumbo marshmallow after jumbo marshmallow,
 and her very favorite whipped cream!

We found these darling mugs several years ago at goodwill,
but a few friends have splurged on the mugs from pottery barn!

Mike also, likes our hot cocoa bar nights...
make great motivation for knocking out his homework!
and don't forget to stop by my
Christmas Pinterest board HERE!
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  1. Beautiful pics of some beautiful kiddos. They are gonna remember these traditions forever. God bless the woman Mikey decides to marry. She is never gonna be able to live up to his mama. :)


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